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Aloha beautiful soul. I’m a Big Island based real estate agent with Real Broker in Hawaii. Home is my little Surf Shack in the jungle with 59 palm trees, 8 hens, 7 surfboards and a vizsla pup named Kaia. I love long walks on the beach, drinking too much coffee and the way the moon cycles. I strive to live a simple life and a joyful life, where I get to spend loads of time outside in nature doing the things that bring me the most joy. In addition to being a beach bum, I'm also a real estate agent with a decade of experience. Waking up every day on an active volcano has taught me to go with the flow. So I’m pretty down to earth – with just a hint of Kanye.

Island Girl with Cali Roots

I didn't always have the life I have today. My journey is one of transformation and adventure. It's a testament to the beauty of change and the profound impact of finding where your heart belongs. I used to be rooted in the bustling, fast-paced California life. Then one day I took a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii and my life changed forever. I realized I was no longer motivated by the endless race to the top. Within 6 months I had sold everything I owned and moved across an entire ocean. I made a big change with the intention of redefining what my success would look like. I am motivated by living a life full of island experiences. Hawaii life is my greatest adventure.

A Journey of Transformation

My story isn't a fairytale, but it's better because it's real and it's mine. Not all chapters of my life were painted with the colors of sunsets and filled with comedy and laughter. As a survivor of domestic violence, I've navigated through my share of dark storms to find my life's rainbows. This helped shape me into the fierce advocate for fe empowerment and strength that I am today. It's a reminder that our past does not define us; rather, it propels us towards our destiny.

A New Chapter with Real Broker

Even as a seasoned real estate professional, joining Real Broker in 2022 was the best decision I ever made for myself and my clients. It was about more than just aligning with an innovative brokerage. It was about finding a platform that embraced my values, amplified my voice, and championed my mission to empower women in real estate. Real Broker has been a catalyst for growth, allowing me to create exceptional client experiences while making a real impact in the industry. I was selected to serve as a member of the 2024 Leadership Advisory Board, representing the collective voice of over 15,000+ agents across the US and Canada. Our motto is simple – Work hard, Be kind.

Real Estate with a Mission

I love finding new and creative ways to serve the people in my community. As a proud Big Island Realtor®, speaker, podcaster, YouTuber, wannabe comedian and an unapologetic advocate for women everywhere, I've dedicated myself to redefining what it means to be at the top of my field. My mission? To inspire my fellow real estate agents to unleash their creativity, infuse their work with personality and smash outdated business stereotypes. Welcome to my world. Join me?

Amber Haley
Amber Haley

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