I didn't always have the life I have today. My journey is one of transformation and adventure. It wasn’t always the “jungle home, beach day, smoothie bowl, waterfall swim, backyard avocado picking” days you will see all over my instagram. I used to be rooted in the bustling, fast-paced California life. 

Then one day I took a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii and my life changed forever. I came for 2 weeks and went on every adventure in the books. I hiked the volcanoes, I swam with the manta rays and I played in the surf. Watching the sunset in Kona I realized I was no longer motivated by the endless race to the top.

I knew pretty quickly that I had found my forever home. Within 6 months I had sold everything I owned and moved to this remote paradise in the middle of the ocean.

I made a big change and moved to Hawaii Island in pursuit of more. More days spent outside. More sunsets. More laughing, more swimming, more being. I am motivated by this island life so rich in experiences.

Hawaii life is my greatest adventure.

I woke up and decided that life is short and I didn't want to wait anymore to start living it.


I'm a Big Island Realtor® and a fierce advocate for women in this field. My mission? To inspire my fellow real estate agents to unleash their creativity, infuse their content with personality, and smash outdated stereotypes. Today you can find me sitting on my lanai working on my laptop, with a cup of Kona coffee nearby. My job is to help my clients and fellow agents. I love finding new and creative ways to serve the people in my community.

Amber Haley
Amber Haley

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