Aloha and thank you for using your Client Portal!

The link to your portal has been sent to you in an email from me and will look something like this:


(Example: https://HaleyHawaii.com/Amber-Haley)

Click this link or copy/paste it into your browser to open your personal Client Portal. No one except you (and me!) will be able to see what your Client Portal contains.

There is no need to remember a login or password to access your Portal. The link I create for you is specific to you, and will take your directly to your personal portal. It is a good idea to bookmark your Client Portal in your browser.

You may also ask me to resend your portal link at any time if you lose it.

Your link will take you directly to a collection of listings provided by me. You can rate these listings, or initiate a chat with me on a specific listing. I will be able to see your ratings, which will allow me to better understand your likes and dislikes.

Once you are finished viewing a collection, you may want to view your Client Portal dashboard:

The Client Portal dashboard will group listings in a variety of ways.

Rating listings will group them nicely for you, they can then be quickly accessed right from your homepage. 

Located in the upper right corner is the Notifications icon. Notifications will show changes made to your Client Portal by me.

*Tip: On the Client Portal dashboard, you can click the arrows on either side of the photo to scroll through the listings within each collection. Click on the image to view the specific listing shown.

Click on the lower blue section to view the entire collection.

How to Search on Your Own

Your Client Portal includes a search feature.

The search is reachable in two locations.

1. Toward the bottom of your Client Portal dashboard. This is also where you can access any searches you save.

2. Located in the upper right corner is the Navigation Menu

Use the drop downs to access the popular search fields –

*Tip: You may click on the flags displayed on the map, This will take you to the listing’s details.

Open the “Map” menu to change the view to the Satellite display.

Click the Question Mark icon to view a help guide regarding the open text search box.

How to Communicate with Me

Your Client Portal includes a chat feature. Each listing will record it's own chat history which makes organization very simple.

Once a chat log has been started on a listing, that listing will be grouped on the Client Portal dashboard. The chat can be initiated by either yourself or by me.

If both of us have the chat window open at the same time, you can see an indicator when the other person is actively typing.

Mahalo! If you need any more help, or have questions send an email to AmberHaley@HawaiiLife.com!