Kanpai Noodles and Sake in Downtown Hilo, Hawaii

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When we walked through the doors of Kanpai in Hilo, we felt like we had stepped into a trendy big city joint.

An East Meets West Menu

We wanted to try something new for our night on the town in downtown Hilo. We saw an array of sushi, sake, and noodles when we looked over the menu. These are not our normal go-to food options. In other words, we had come to the right place. I really came to try the ramen, but couldn't help but order more! It was great to see that they use so many fresh, local ingredients.

Inside of Kanpai Noodle and Sake in Hilo, Hawaii
The trendy interior of Kanpai in Hilo, Hawaii.

Sushi in downtown Hilo

The sushi all looked so creative. Therefore, we had to try one of their signture or classic rolls. Pesto, cucumber, avocado, carrots, sprouts, asparagus, and purple cabbage topped with green onions, and mac nuts filled the Bamboo Roll that I ordered. Some of the more surprising menu items were the sushi rolls stuffed with bacon. We didn't try them this time, but they came highly recommended. We would definitely go back, just to try and eat my way through the sushi menu.

Bamboo Roll
A Bamboo Roll – A Vegetarian Signature Roll

Get Ramen in Hawaii

I had actually never had ramen before. In other words, not since I was living in a dorm room in college. This ramen actually sounded good. Michael opted for a super spicy bowl of their spicy Kanpai Ramen. I ordered gluten-free soba noodles for my bowl. I love a place that offers a gluten-free alternative!

Kanpai Spicy Ramen
Kanpai Spicy Ramen

A Glimpse of Kanpai

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Have you been to Kanpai Noodles and Sake? If you are looking for Asian Cuisine in downtown Hilo on the Big Island, give it a try. We'll definitely be back for a late night Japanese Whiskey.


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