Volcano Winery: Wine Tasting on the Big Island

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Did you know that there is a winery in Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii?

The southern most winery in the United States is Volcano Winery. Here you can come and sip a glass with friends and family. My favorite thing about this place is the unique blends. The local selections are made with exotic blends of tropical fruit, like guava and jaboticaba.

This winery is a great stop on the way to or from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We love to pop in after a day of hiking.

The tasting room has a fun and casual feel. There is a small food menu you can order from. You can also bring your own snacks and eat and drink outside on their patio! Nice touch. If you're going to be passing through Volcano, we can't recommend this place enough. Try a glass of the Volcano Blush. It's our favorite!


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